Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, my dear princess!!!

When the clock strikes 12am, she will turn 3. Just because her father could not celebrate her birthday tomorrow, I don't plan anything yet up till now. Well, we did buy her a birthday present; a modified PSP 3000. It's an expensive present for a 3 years old girl but he bought it so he could play it as well (hmm, pandai pasang nawaitu eh!). So, tomorrow celebration will be a modest one; a cake, a present, birthday songs and wishes (sekarang nih pon dah asyik dok soh ibu nyanyi lagu birthday untuk dia).

Ahh! It is 12 am already. To my babygirl, Nur Sabrina Khadijah, happy 3rd birthday and I wish you that you'll be a good daughter to us and always in Allah's blessing; be a good Muslim, good health, long live and lots of rezeki ahead. Amin...

Sabrina, we LOVE you!

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