Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another BEAUTIFUL transformation: Norhidayah Haron


This beautiful lady is one of my colleague in SDE. She's working with Documentation Team for various project and I can say that she's an Iron Lady (coz Doc Team need to be carried a lot of paper and those thick procedures for project purposes).

On the 11th March 2011, she emailed me and show her interest on Premium Beautiful (PB). We done some fitting in our surau and also let her feel the PB herself. And yes, she liked it so much and we had a deal.

This was her during the fitting session:

Most popular question, "Dayah, you pregnant lagi ke?"

Now, after 2 months consistently wearing PB;

Wallaaa... no bulging tummy, beautiful curve, and no more pregnant-looking lady. She's gorgeous!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Call me, get your set now and just be BEAUTIFUL coz you are worth it!

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